Courtesy of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Before embarking on a long-distance ride, check out our list of which states have universal laws requiring helmet use. Better yet, wear one even if it’s not the law in your state or where ever you are traveling.

Alabama --- all riders
Alaska --- 17 and younger
Arizona --- 17 and younger
Arkansas --- 20 and younger
California --- all riders
Colorado --- 17 and younger drivers and passengers
Connecticut --- 17 and younger
Delaware --- 18 and younger
District of Columbia --- all riders
Florida --- 20 and younger
Georgia --- all riders
Hawaii --- 17 and younger
Idaho --- 17 and younger
Illinois --- no law
Indiana --- 17 and younger
Iowa --- no law
Kansas --- 17 and younger
Kentucky --- 20 and younger
Louisiana --- all riders
Maine --- 17 and younger
Maryland --- all riders
Massachusetts --- all riders
Michigan --- 20 and younger with exceptions
Minnesota --- 17 and younger
Mississippi --- all riders
Missouri --- all riders
Montana --- 17 and younger
Nebraska --- all riders
Nevada --- all riders
New Hampshire --- 17 and younger
New Jersey --- all riders
New Mexico --- 17 and younger
New York --- all riders
North Carolina --- all riders
North Dakota --- 17 and younger
Ohio --- 17 and younger
Oklahoma --- 17 and younger
Oregon --- all riders
Pennsylvania --- 20 and younger
Rhode Island --- 20 and younger
South Carolina --- 20 and younger
South Dakota --- 17 and younger
Tennessee --- all riders
Texas --- 20 and younger
Utah --- 17 and younger
Vermont --- all riders
Virginia --- all riders
Washington --- all riders
West Virginia --- all riders
Wisconsin --- 17 and younger
Wyoming --- 17 and younger
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State Motorcycle Laws
If you have a smart phone and would like to keep up to date on all US Motorcycle Laws check out your app store. Google play has a good one for 99 cents called Bike Laws.
Please be aware that these laws can change at any time and may not even be true as you are reading this. As with any government laws change all the time with or without our knowledge. Ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking the law.
Bike Laws App Description
View State Motorcycle laws from all 50 states using Bike Laws.
Every state has different laws relating to motorcycles, knowing the specific laws when you cross state lines can ensure a much smoother, possibly violation-free journey.
Includes answers to common questions such as:
* Do I need to wear a helmet?
* Are my pipes legal?
* What is the max height of ape hangers?
* Is Riding Outlaw (riding two-abreast) legal in my state?
* Do I need eye protection?
* Can I lane split?
* What's the minimum age for a passenger?
Avoid LEO harassment and enjoy your ride!