Poker Run Form
Single Stop
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Use this sheet when you have a poker run with one stop -
all 5 cards are picked from a single deck at one location.
• Poker Runs are a fun way to get riders on the road and possibly raise a little money for charity. They are an exciting way to see the area, socialize with your friends, make new friends and maybe even win a little money or a prize!
• Participants should note that they are traveling on public highways and they are responsible for their own safety when using public roads and should ride accordingly.
• The run is usually between 30 and 70 miles and no more than Three hours to complete.
• Stops should be at convenient areas with plenty of parking and where alcoholic beverages are not served.
• Stops with refreshments and rest rooms should be considered.
• Consult the Chapter Handbook for the complete rundown on Poker Runs
• The most important rule to a Poker Run is that everyone has fun.