Head Road Captain

1. In conjunction with the Primary Officers of the Chapter, ensure the
Chapter has an adequate number of qualified Road Captains to provide a safe and enjoyable riding environment on group rides.
2. Provide leadership and direction to all Road Captains.
3. Maintain open communication with all Road Captains and with the Primary Officers of the Chapter.

1. Attend Primary Officers’ meetings, providing input into future rides and events.
2. Conduct regular Road Captain meetings.
3. Screen all Road Captains for currency on all Road Captain Qualifications.
4. In conjunction with other Road Captains, evaluate the riding abilities and other aptitudes of prospective Road Captains prior to those prospects becoming current Road Captains.
5. Develop and maintain adequate training tools for all Road Captains.
6. Appoint Lead Road Captains for all Chapter rides.
Road Captain

The principal duty of the Road Captain is to lead, assist, plan and organize open and closed H.O.G. Chapter rides.

Before a ride, the Road Captain shall:
1. arrive at the departure site fully fueled and at least 30 minutes prior to the listed departure time for the ride
2. be well rested
3. be familiar with the intended route, having pre-ridden the route if possible
4. actively participate in the pre-ride discussion with the Lead Road Captain for that ride
5. be prepared for any emergency that may occur on the ride, for example, every Road Captain should carry a basic First Aid kit in/on their bike.

During a ride, the Road Captain shall:
1. perform the duties of the group riding position (lead, deuce or sweep) to the best of his or her ability while ensuring the safety and welfare of all individuals within the group, as well as surrounding motorists, pedestrians and cyclists
2. follow the directions of the Lead Road Captain unless those instructions place any member of the group in an unsafe position
3. maintain a “Safety First” attitude at all times

After a ride, the Road Captain shall:
contribute to the continual improvement of all future rides and the effectiveness of the Road Captains by communicating with the Lead Road Captain about the quality of the ride and effectiveness of Road Captains in the ride
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Head Road Captain
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